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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Fallout Fun

With Fallout: New Vegas on the horizon and a friend of mine leaving work, we decided to do a papercraft for his last day.

My colleague Ben created the head and I worked on the rest of him!

I can only say that this turned out better than I thought it would! The hands and the ears were the hardest part and two be honest they were actually fudged on a little.

This now has pride of place in my house to go with the bobble head from my Fallout 3 collectors edition, and to replace the one you wont get with New Vegas. :(

If you fancy taking this on yourself you need a special program to print it off. Have a look at the site I got it off.

Action Papercrafts

There is also another one on the site for Speech.

I'm now off to ask for a pay rise now I have an extra point in Charisma.......